RESEARCH: POIESIS and current languages in contemporary Aesthetics in Colombia

Research Project: POIESIS and current language in contemporary Aesthetics in Colombia (2013) Poiesis AND CURRENT LANGUAGE IN CONTEMPORARY AESTHETICS IN COLOMBIA is an art & theory project in collaboration with  Juan Toro. The context of this project is the art world – the creation of art – the art critic and independent art groups in Colombia. The initial question for this exploratory research is: How can one make a contribution to historical manner of a documentary about the speculation of a theory-criticism and history of art in Latin America? The act of writing about art plays a major role. The critical mechanisms that are emerging in Latin America are an exciting starting point for an art & theory project. In the writings about art a level beyond a scientific experimental research can be identified, the critics have the opportunity to transform their research objects although it occasionally appears in the academic protocols of the institutional bureaucracy of art as if it were not so. Today there are infected an institutional critique and institutional theories against each other in Latin America in the art world. The criticism is a productive act in Latin America, which is expressed in an analogical relationship between language and artistic process. The idea is to capture in this project a panorama of these movements in Latin America by the example of Colombia. The central objective of the theoretical reflection is the relationship between theory and art and the study of the major critical discourses that have an implication for current artistic practice and thus for a contemporary aesthetic.


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