Postcard & Beyond. Exhibition

Postcard and Beyond ” is anachronistic art project which I initiated in collaboration with Juan Fernando Toro. It is about the fragility of life, the possibility of the recovery of human sensibility, in the shadow of the monstrosity of the systematic murder of millions of people during National Socialism an other totalitarian regimes.

The artistic work consists of a postal exchange of “postcards” taken as a historical document  and the topology of document as a possible starting point for the expression of personal feelings or thoughts with artists and theorists from  everyewhere in the world.

Send letters to: Horst Hoheisel, Gunnar Richter, Salome Rodriges, Ingeborg Drews, Lisl Ponger, Ulrike Oeter, Jelili Atiku, Tanya Ury, Marcel Odenbach, Marita Maisey, Paul Altmann, Paula Germann Mandy Gehrt, Hermann + Pablo Juan Pablo Diaz, Torsten Hattenkerl, Konstantinos–Antonios Goutos, Neal Alexander, Carolina Caycedo, Mauro Benavidez, Monica Restrepo, Ivan Navarro, Reem Akl.

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