communistic curating of archival

Communistic curating of Archival” is a video project working with material from government archives from the Ukraine conceptualized as an installation. The historical visual  material is mainly collected and digitized in the Archive of film and photography in Kiev in late 2013. The research was mainly around the category „everyday life in Ukraine during the time of Soviet Union.“ The material  I took for this work is taken from various films and remixed. It is an installation with the current intention to figure out the implication of public, private, collective and individual curation of images, which are understood as historical documents.

The title of the work  emerged in relation to a collaborative project with  7 other international  artist based in Berlin. Which was running for some month on a weekly meeting basis for conversations and actually with the aim to realize a project with the working title „Communistic Curating“  ideally culminating in an exhibition on the historic date of the 25 anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall around the area of Checkpoint Charlie. Participating artists were Kim Engelen, Kendall Baker, Juan Fernando Toro Lopez, Craig Steward and I. The Project was initiated and prematurely terminated by Kim Engelen. The video is my personal contribution I have completed after the collaborative  project was interrupted. It is also related to “Archiv~Flaneur”.

communistic curating of archival Kopie Mirjam Kroker

Title, Communistic Curating of Archival. Video. 07:14:55 min. 20014.

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