About the series: In the infinite  PRINTED MATTER series, I pursue an interest in print media as raw material for recording and documenting history (s). Therefore, I work with a specific form of book circulation and circulation-transfer. In doing so, I am concerned with a specific form of book circulation and circulation transfer. I assume the circulation that results from the disposal, releasing and dissolving of printed matter (frequent possible causes might be e.g. the material has become insignificant from a concrete person’s point of view, the survival of the material in relation to a human life). As a situated practice, related to a nomadic way of working and living, the material of the series varies of geographical reference points and bears no  linguistic  restrictions. I process the material  in a collection-oriented mode and with the assignment of  titles to archives that tell further stories about its histories and content. (2017)

lookiamabook2lookiamabookbymirjamkrokerdetail2017lookiamabookmirjamkroker Kopielookiamabookmirjamkrokercropped-1015706.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

exhibition view, Wenn Sachen Sachen  Machen, HfbK Dresden, in collaboration  with Technische Universität Dresden.