The Performance of the Moon

Video: 01:58, Staarnmeer, Netherlands, 2018/19

a friend of mine wrote about it: “ I was thinking in that permanent relationship between mankind and nature as ancient collectivities seemed to developed a „ritual relationship“ with nature.

Nature in that way „performs“ their own behaviors and movements but as they live in a very different dimension of time – cycles, stability, eternity – seemed to us, humans, that nature is exterior to us: that which happens before our eyes but beyond them.

On the other hand, clapping the actions of the performer reminds us of the notion of spectacle that is made to delight our senses, more clapping more recognition. However, the performance of nature doesn’t need any recognition, it will happen regardless of our existence. Mankind is part of nature and not the other way around, (unless the ecological chaos we have provoked) but the stars and the moon is performing for itself, enjoying its movements, its light reflection, its dance.

Maybe „the Performance of the Moon“ reminds us that we are just the audience of an „impossible spectacle“ which is not intended to us but beyond us.“ (Alejandro Orozco)

„The Performance of the Moon“ is the Performance of the Moon.

Exhibition view Fieldworks, as part of the award ceremony of the Caspar-David Friedrich Prize 2019. Set with the video „The Performance of the Moon“