Archiv-Flaneur is a mobile exhibition project in public space and a research trip to various locations in Europe and beyond in collaboration with the artist Juan Fernando Toro Lopez. Initiated in the summer of 2013 based on a shared idea in the spring 2011. Aboard a wheeled vehicle that functions with the extension by an awning as a portable exhibition space and mobile archive. To nourish and increase the archive we travel to various historical, biographical sites, archives, museums, and the ‘worldwide web’. The wheeled vehicle as a “mobile archive” provides a ‘living room atmosphere’. The flaneur-office inside the bus for exchange possibilities of archival such as visual materials, electronic data for the extension of the archive as a living archive and at the same time as a place for conversation and chat, is open for all audiences during the various stations in Kyiv, Berlin, Warsaw, Amsterdam… among others.

Concept: Looking for another notion of archiving and association we consider videotapes, scientific documentaries, photos, family portraits, movies, TV shows from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s until now and everyday curiosities and other indefinite imaginaries. In how we understand the creation of identity, archiving is alive and in constant transformation. The archives as a form of structured memory, we transcribe in a performative way. To work with archives always means dealing with its artefacts and archival materials. We understand preservation not only as conservative storage but as reactivation through the initiation of appropriation and actions. During the reactivation of the artefacts for their living condition not only fragmentary duplications arise but also new objects in the form of pictorial installations that we want to present. Berlin, 2013.

Central State Historical Archive Ukraine, an inspection of visual and audible archival material, Lviv, 2013
Central State Historical Archive Ukraine, inspection of visual archival material, Lviv, 2013
seen from a bridge, 2013, Ukraine
Sichtung von Material aus staatlichem Filmarchiv der DDR, 2013 Berlin (Archiv-Flaneur)
taking the night train from Lviv to Kiyv

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