Planetary Art World Documentdrawings

multimodal investigation/Planetary Art World / Document-drawings/ ecocriticism/creative sabotage /affirming alienation

Planetary Art World Document – drwawings examine how planetary archives can arise from the given and the imagined. Based on current holdings in the context of an omnipresent, post-geographical, post-cultural condition with infinite connection possibilities between place and culture that have long been unleashed from one another and challenge approaches regarding proximity and distance.

Manifest: The planetary is that beyond national borders, i.e. closer to Earth than all asteroids and comets, is the post-natural, post-cultural and post-geographical end of a singular future already suspended. Rethinking the „world“ from a planetary perspective 

creative sabotage / affirming alienation

This Planetary Art World Document – drawings are related to a broader multimodal investigation of „Planetary Intuitions“ & Planetary Art World Atlas

Planetary Art World, Document_Drawings, in transition since 2021