Fragile Infinity in Constellation with read me it will translate you

exhibition view „i“ is for thinking, URSULA WALTER, 2021

read me it will translate you  in constellation with Fragile Infinity, 2021

This work doesn’t really need any explanation as it translates into you. If you will. Any other explanation is therefore not necessarily accurate. 

This constellation inhabits two different states via the transition of values and ideas. One includes five watermelons (Fleeting objects in Time), and the other contains 9 „document_drawings“ archiving their transformative potency.

As the title suggests, this spatial narrative addresses the fragility of all living things and invites you to read what is there in its materiality in a planetary present in which it is set. In complicity with the recipient, the artist as a reader or reading as an essential artistic practice invites you to read the materiality to interrupt, nourish, expand, change, supplement, shift the linguistic perception. 

The translation – as a liminal refuge – shelters a multiplicity of possible futures that are only manifest between „what is there“ and the reader, and thus it refuses a singular future. 

What can the reading of watermelons air-dried clay as a textual basis of a text, life, context, the planetary state of the earth bring about? Reading as an artistic practice examines the words as well as the matter in which they are inscribed, the context, their edges etc. 

Altogether an open, still unsettled or unsolved spatial narrative, in a transcendental sense one could say, names something that is not yet determined and not yet indeterminate. The constellation of the two works together, challenging an intuitive knowing that is neither interpreted nor intentional. It’s not about knowledge; it’s about knowability in the receiver. From an ontological point of view, the conditions of the possibilities based on their nature and the possibilities of this constellation are addressed here.

read me it will translate you

Description: 3 air dried, unfired clay tablets (very fragile), each in a Plexiglas box for protection and cohesion in the case of an inexorable transitory change in the case of the possible effects of gravity, heat, moisture, etc. 24 letters, in a constellation of 6 words, 3 spaces. The three clay plates are to be placed so that a somewhat circular reading is favoured to make a linear reading less likely or only with additional effort. The clay tablets are conceived horizontally and vary in their direction, initiating multiple connections to be found.