Planetary Art World Atlas: stands for the urgency to explore, invent, create, experience and „make livable“ a multitude of other connections to the planet that replace, complement and, if necessary, dissolve the imperialist nationalist anthropocentric or global cores that have long been the main „forces“ for categorization, historicization and epistemologization – also within the art world. 

There are still individual actors, institutions, funding programs, etc., who, from their point of view and personal gain, stubbornly cling to these forces and hold on to them. This becomes noticeable when artists decorate themselves with categories such as Nation-x Artist are burdened by art historians or when tenders for residencies or exhibition participation are based exclusively on such types. Fortunately, there are other gravitational forces, first from the planet itself and from areas of science and art, with occurrences, stakes and efforts working on what the Planetary Turn is and what it can be.

Planetary Art World Atlas examines how planetary archives can arise from the given and the imagined. Based on current holdings in the context of an omnipresent, post-geographical,post-cultural condition with infinite connection possibilities between place and culture that have long been unleashed from one another and challenge approaches regarding proximity and distance.

Manifest: The planetary is that beyond national borders, i.e. closer to Earth than all asteroids and comets, is the post-natural, post-cultural and post-geographical end of a singular future already suspended. Rethinking the „world“ from a planetary perspective