Inner Voice

Unlike a normal book, this book has 2 spines and can therefore be read in two areas for browsing synchronously … Mehr


Production Year: 2019/Duration: 00:07:04/Genre: experimental research, video, documentary sequences, conceptual art/ Tags: tuning of the world, imagination, sediments of thoughts, … Mehr

Visibility of the Invisible

In seinem 1976 erschienenen Buch „Il faut défendre la société“ (1975–1976) spricht Michel Foucault von einem chronischen Revisionismus und weist … Mehr


Archiv-Flaneur is a mobile exhibition project in public space and a research trip to various locations in Europe and beyond … Mehr

The Intelligent Ear

Thinking like a mountain: In conversation with Mirjam Kroker by Shona McCombes Cultureland is a residency program that aims to … Mehr

The Performance of the Moon

Video: 01:58, Staarnmeer, Netherlands, 2018/19 a friend of mine wrote about it: “ I was thinking in that permanent relationship between … Mehr